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11) A cylindrical glass tube of length 27.75 cm and the radius 2.00 cm is filled with argon gas. The empty tube weighs 188.250 g. and the tube filled with argon weighs 188.870 g. Use the data to calculate the density of argon gas. (Volume of a cylinder = πr2h)

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12) If the density of silver is 10.50 g/cm3 , and if the density of benzene is 0.8786 g/cm3, what mass of silver will have the same volume as 15.55 grams of benzene?

13) Calculate the mass of copper in grams (density = 8.94 g/cm3) with the same volume as 100.0 grams of gold (density = 19.31 g/cm3)

14) Calculate the mass of zinc in grams (density = 7.14 g/cm3) with the same volume as 100.0 grams of aluminum (density = 2.70 g/cm3)

15) A spherical ball bearing has a radius of 8.50 mm and a mass of 2.315 g. What is the density of the ball bearing? (in g/cm3)? The formula for volume of a sphere is V = (4/3)πr3.

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16) 57.0 kg of copper is drawn into a wire with a diameter of 9.50 mm. What is the length of wire in meters? Cu density = 8.94 g/cm3.

17) In the United States, 'copper' pennies made since 1983 actually contain very little copper. If a penny contains 93.975% of its total volume zinc and 6.025% of its total volume copper, what is its apparent density? (density of Cu = 8.94 g/cm3; d of Zn = 7.14 g/cm3.)

18) Antarctica has an ice sheet covering 1.42 x 1018 cm2 and averaging 1.61 x 105 cm deep. Calculate the total mass if ice has a density of 0.92 g/cm3.

19) Object A is less dense than object B. If both objects are the same mass, what can be said about the volume of A as compared to the volume of B?

20) An ice cube with a volume of 45.0 mL and a density of 0.900 g/cm3 floats in a liquid with a density of 1.36 g/mL. What volume of the cube is submerged in the liquid?

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