LeChatelier Problems

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The answers are at the end of the file. NC means no change.

N2 + 3H2 ⇌ 2NH3 + heat

a. remove NH3 gas
b. decrease pressure
c. add N2 gas
d. increase temperature

2SO2 + O2 ⇌ 2SO3 + heat

e. increase SO2 concentration
f. increase temperature
g. remove O2
2 + C + heat ⇌ 2 CO
h. increase temperature
i. increase CO concentration
j. decrease pressure

H2 + Cl2 ⇌ 2HCl + heat

k. increase H2 concentration
l. increase pressure

N2 + O2 + heat ⇌ 2NO

m. decrease O2 concentration
n. add catalyst

PCl3 + Cl2 ⇌ PCl5 + heat

o. increase Cl2 concentration
p. decrease pressure

CO2 + H2 + heat ⇌ CO + H2O

q. decrease pressure
r. add a catalyst

N2O4 + heat ⇌ 2 NO2

s. decrease pressure
t. remove N2O4

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a. R
b. L
c. R
d. L
e. R
f. L
g. L
h. R
i. L
j. NC
k. R
l. NC
m. L
n. NC
o. R
p. L
q. NC
r. NC
s. R
t. L