Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 8, No. 5, Pg. 965

(1) There must be a mistake somewhere.

(2) Neither at the mid-term nor at any time have I received any official warning therefore, relying upon the college, I merely maintained my grade. Surely, this must be a satisfactory grade

(3) I know many members of the section who did not do such good work as I did and who got better marks. I was recognized among my classmates as a good student-you can ask any of them.

(4) I was not well at the time of the examination or else I was unwell on the evening before the examination.

(5) This mark ruined my prospects of graduating (or of entering medical school or, etc.).

(6) This mark grieves my father (or other relatives) whose pride I am.

(7) This is the only course in chemistry where I have received a poor grade. Surely all the other instructors were not mistaken in their appraisal of my work.

(8) It is not a higher mark that I seek; I care nothing for marks. I think marks are wicked and disapprove of them, even as I also disapprove of attendance and all requirements. However, this pernicious system of which I am the victim requires marks for achieving success and therefore I seek a higher mark.

(9) I do not ask for a higher mark. I am merely discussing the matter abstractly. Therefore, I shall show you why I should be given a higher mark.

(10) I am not asking for a higher mark, but I ask that it be proved to my satisfaction that I did not deserve a higher mark. I offer to cooperate with the instructor in a reconsideration of my paper.

(11) Several men around me in the examination copied from my paper, yet I know that they received a higher mark than I did. Surely this is not fair?

(12) The reason I did not do better is because I am very honest whereas I do not wish to say anything against many of the other members of the class.

(13) The examination was unfair and unfairly distributed over the subject.

(14) The instructor was unfair.

(15) The system of grading is unfair.

(16) Some questions in the examination were graded too high (or too low) and should have been omitted or replaced or made optional.

(17) Can't you do something for me? If you were in my situation, would you not desire a higher mark?

(18) I am a poor boy who has to work for a living and therefore I was late or absent or had not the opportunity to study. Therefore, I should not be marked like the others but should be given a special bonus.

(19) I live far away from the college and therefore should be given a bonus.

(20) My devotion to the college in extra-curricular activities (far more important than your course) handicapped me. The college should show its appreciation by giving me a bonus.

(21) I have studied this subject from the broad philosophical standpoint and therefore I was unable to answer your technical catch-questions.

(22) The questions were ambiguous and therefore my answers should be graded according to the reasonable interpretation that I made of your questions.

(23) I am a conscientious objector to examinations.