Survivor - Education Style

The next planned "Survivor" show? Three businessmen and three businesswomen will be dropped on an island with a copy of the district's curriculum. Each contestant will be given 5 groups of 38-42 "young adults" for 6 weeks. Each of these groups has five learning-disabled children, 3 with ADHD, 1 gifted child, and 2 who speak limited English. Three are labeled as severe behavior problems. At least one student will want lessons and materials for the next four weeks for an special "family vacation." Another student will not appear for five and a half weeks and then expect to "make up" all the work and receive all the necessary individualized help within the last few minutes of the contest.

Each business person must complete lesson plans, modify accordingly, teach the kids, handle misconduct, implements boys' town training, write referrals, correct homework, compute grades, export grades, input grades one at a time on a shared computer because grades didn't export, communicate with parents, have conference with parents, and provide a stimulating environment at all times.

These business people only have access to the golf course on the weekends when all teaching tasks are done. There is only one golf course and they can't afford it anyway on their new salary.

The business people must continually advance their education on their own time, which they must pay for themselves either by moonlighting at a second job or marrying someone with a lot of money.

They must attend workshops; drill the classes for fires and shooting attacks, tutor those who are behind in the race, keep records on all, not let it show when they're having a bad day, incorporate read'n, write'n and 'rithmatic every day and get their 2 non-English speaking children proficient enough to take the SAT-9 test. All students must score high enough to make the school look good in the local newspaper!

The kids and parents vote them off, based on their performance. The winner gets to go back to his/her corporate job.