Acronym, A. - Middle Earth Dowsing Institute/Ongoing Cosmic Ray Experiment
Initials, M.Y. - Occidental University of Cleveland Heights, U.S.A.
Dude, S.V. - Greater Ottawa Technical College and Horticultural Academy, Canada
Dos, X.X - Nuevo Institoto de Cervezas Execelentes, Mexico

We report here observations made by our detectors, the Cosmo-Electro-Astro Experiment (CEASE), and the Dynamically Equilibriated Stabalized Interplanetary Solar Telescope (DESIST) which are aboard the Solar-Terrestrial Orbiting Platform (STOP). These detectors have been in continous operation since the satellite was launched on April 1, 1984. During this period we have observed many instances of what we believe to be a new type of solar particle event. These events are characterized by a highly variable signature; on some occassions they involve an increase in the solar wind speed accompanied by an increase in the flux of low energy (20 keV) solar electrons, although they sometimes involve protons of a somewhat higher energy. On other occasions these events are characterized by a decrease in solar wind speed and no change in solar wind speed and particle fluxes have been observed in these events. Due to the striking lack of correlation between these events and any other phenomeom we propose that they be referred to hereafter as Wholly Haphazard Observational Anomalies (WHOA). The methodology of analysis, results and errors in the final results are presented.

Keywords: solar electrons, solar protons, solar wind


Paper to be presented by: Ann Acronym

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Professor Savvy Dude
Joint Organization for Knowledge Extension
GOTCHA, Ottawa, Canada M04 D01