Metric Conversion Special Note

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Here are two examples of conversion problems:

Convert 5000 cubic centimeters to mL

Convert 3.5 L to cubic centimeters

These are of a type of conversion often seen. Cubic centimeters (cm3) is a non-SI unit, but it is in widespread use.

So, here is the rule to memorize:

one cm3 = one mL

Pretty easy rule to remember, but many students forget it and teachers do like to do two things:

1) Never mention this conversion in class.
2) Then, ask this type of conversion on tests.

Here is the answer for the first problem:

5000 cm3 = 5000 mL

You can think of the second problem becoming "convert 3.5 L to mL," The answer of which is 3500 mL. Then, replace mL with cm3 and the problem is complete. The answer then becomes:

3.5 L = 3500 cm3

Hopefully that was pretty easy. Just remember, it stands a decent chance of (1) not being mentioned and (2) being on the test.

Oops, one other conversion to remember:

1 dm3 = 1 L

dm3 is called 'cubic decimeter.